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Friday the 13th, 2012

Liveblog 1/13/2012

We start our adventure with a Brutus poop.

Chelle and the DM have a sekret.

THe DM reminds us that group dynamics is important, but that we can’t control the dice. mwah mwah. We are a DPS machine.

It’s Day 5.
we are rested and fed, and Lysh and Blackleaf are still pissed about the orc. we agree to go away from the minotaurs.

we head west down the diagonal hallway.

We’re checking for secret doors. Selene peeks around the corner!
There’s nothing.
We turn south. It begins to curve to the southwest.
The DM is laughing. This is not good.
Selene does a vision roll. At the edge of our light we see something laying in the hallway. It looks pretty big. Selene goes out to sneak and falls over again. D’oh!

It’s an ogre.
It’s dead. Blood is on the floor. He’s been torn up, serrated wounds. No arrows, no sword wounds, it looks like he was cut up with a saw.

We continue past, sneaking (SNEAKING?!) past the ogre. We turn back to the south.
We round the corner, things feel damp and wet. It smells like mildew.
We continue south.
We continue south.
We turn to the east.
Up ahead there might be a door.
“You girls are gonna love this.” -DM
Lysh kicks the door in.
We open the door and we understand why: the damp foul smell is very strong here.

Lysh steps through the door.
We see a long hallway to the north, and two short hallways on either side.
We turn left.
We go north and back east and we start walking on small bones. Elfstar suggests we are entering a lair of some sort. The bones get bigger and we smell rot.

We turn south and Selene sees a body.
It’s in platemail, it’s been beaten up to crap. It’s a dwarf, the dwarven fighter we ran into earlier. Looks like something grabbed a hold of him and squeezed. He has a two-headed axe, dwarven quality, belt pouch with coins, backpack is missing. we take his money.

We look up, and we see another body. We hear something around the corner, like things being pushed around.

We look at the second body: the human fighter we met before. Both bodies have been dead for a while, maybe a day. His body is in the same condition, armor completely destroyed, looked like something got a hold of him and squeezed him. Sword is near him. Shield is against the wall, and there’s blood on it. Lysh likes the look of this shield, it’s lighter than hers, very well balanced. Lysh prays over the body and takes the shield and leaves her shield with the body.

We see a door,and there’s a pair of feet sticking out of the door. Plated boots. WE find the dwarven cleric we met earlier, armor is completely destroyed. All of his possessions are on his belt. Blackleaf takes the spell-focus and the waterskin that looks interesting, Lysh feels that this is magical.

While Blackleaf is saying a prayer, selene goes into the room and discovers the wizard. He’s in worse shape than the others. Shredded, essentially. He has his spellbook, but it’s a wizards grimoire. There is a well crafted bag on his belt.

We discover the halfling, who is pretty much obliterated. Selene loots the shit outta him and gets a bracer. Selene snuck around the corner to see what created this carnage.

She sees a slug, a carrion crawler. Chance to paralyze with tentacles. Lysh will be the tank to draw aggro and Blackleaf and Selene will buff her to all hell and others will pepper from farther away. Citlali will be going in too, Blackleaf will hang back with Selene. Elfstar is going to use fire-arrows, and Lysh’s mace is on fire.

Citlali casts magic missile, does damage. This thing BOOKS ass down to citlatli and attacks, and thankfully misses. Lysh rolls, hits, and deals a ton of damage and we kill this thing in two rounds. Yeesh!

We find a treasure trove! About 500 gold and silver. The items there include armor, but not anything particularly interesting. Shiny metal, shiny swords, but nothing interesting. Elfstar comments that this was a small one. We leave most of it behind since it’s not really worth anything.

Lysh gets a pot helm, and Selene is hanging out back towards the corpse, but we go forward back out to the hallway heading north near the sunlight. We head north. It’s getting damp. We hear crickets and see moss on the ground. This room is packed with mushrooms, moss, plantlife. We see the source of the sunlight: the roof has a hole in it. We hear frogs.

Selene dodged out of the way of a big-ass frog! We see two, now three. ROLL INIT!
Selene attacks, and hits.
The frog attacks Selene and hits with his nasty hind-leg claws, her skin immediately feels like it’s on fire. Her left side tightens up but she overcomes. -2 damage and they’re poisonous! Is she paralyzed!? NO, thanks to Blackleaf’s bless.

Aaaaand we have technical problems. So we’ll resume next week: will Selene get a hit on the frogs? Will they poison another adventurer? Stay tuned!



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