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Wednesday Night, 1/11/12 game


After some technical issues (we’re on g-hangout instead of ventrilo tonight due to technical issues) we’re back at it!

We have three huge ogres in front of us, and it’s Lysh’s turn… and Chelle just lost her connection. Oh, she’s back.

OK, so DM says we’re gonna die.

Opening combat trackers.

Ogre 3, 29 HP, standing in the doorway

Ogre 2, 19hp, right behind him, Ogre 1, 15hp, next to him.

Lysh is attacking Ogre 3. Misses

Ogre 3’s turn, comes at Citlali, he swings and misses!

Ogre 2’s turn, he can’t get in the door, so he passes, Ogre 1’s turn, also can’t get in the door, he passes.

Citlali’s turn: misses

Blackleaf casts shield of faith on Citlali, +2 to AC and saves.

Elfstar moves to the corner of the room to get a better shot at Ogre 3, ROLLS A NATURAL 20, the crowd goes wild! Rolls for 4+1 Damage! Ogre 3 has 11 hp of damage!

Lysh rolls a 19 to hit Ogre 3, 2+1 hp of damage, 14hp of damage now to Ogre 3

Ogre3 steps into the room and stands on Blackleaf. He swings wildly and misses Blackleaf.

Ogre2 steps into the doorway, Ogre 1 still can’t get in and is pushing on Ogre2

Citlali’s turn. She aims at Ogre 3’s back and misses.

Selene’s turn, she chooses to create firey arrows using bandages and lamp oil for next turn.

Blackleaf’s turn: She sets her mace on fire with bandages and lamp oil.

Elfstar lines up to shoot at Ogre2, who is standing in the doorway. ANOTHER NATURAL 20, follows up with a 15, six points of damage to Ogre 2 who is left with 10hp.

Lysh attacks Ogre3 from the rear, 18 is a HIT! Damage for 3+1, he’s at 18/29.

Ogre 3’s turn: goes after blackleaf! Misses! Her AC is through the roof!

Ogre2 goes after Citlali! Her buffed AC is 18, THANKS CLERIC! <3

Ogre1 is shoving on Ogre2, shoving at the doorframe, trying to get in!

Citlali goes after Ogre3, back attack, hits with a 17! Rolls for 7 damage, he’s at 25/29hp! He is staggering and bleeding everywhere!

We agree to have a social drink every time someone hits for damage!

Selene shots Ogre 3 with a flaming arrow, hits thanks to your Cleric’s buff, one point of damage, plus one for fire, he’s at 27/29.

Blackleaf winds up with firey mace at Ogre3, and she misses!

Elfstar queues up an arrow and misses, crit fail. The bowstring breaks. We’re fucked. Elfstar plays Sad Trombone.

Lysh hits for 2 points and kills Ogre 3. There was much rejoicing. Yaaay.

Ogre 2 steps in to where Ogre 3 was standing, attacks blackleaf, and misses.

Ogre 1 steps into the room and swings at Citlali, and misses!

Citlali goes after Ogre2’s back. +1 to hit, she hits! Four points of damage, he’s at 10/16.

Selene shoots another fire arrow at Ogre2, NATURAL 20! We are KILLING IT. She hits for 5 damage, he has only 1 HP left!

Blackleaf misses Ogre2. I scorched his kneecaps.

Elfstar charges in with her short sword and aims at Ogre2’s balls! She misses!

Lysh! Close to a crit fail! Oops!

Ogre2 swings at blackleaf and misses!

Ogre1 wants to hit Citlali again, misses!

Citlali’s turn: Aims at Ogre2 for a backstab: misses.

Selene, flaming arrows: Aims at Ogre1 and misses.

Blackleaf misses.

Elfstar critfails, drops the sword.

Lysh misses.

Ogre2 goes after elfstar, hits for 5 points for damage, out of 9.

Ogre1 aims at Citlali, hits for 3 points of damage out of 9.

Citlali’s turn: She’s gonna backstab Ogre2, misses.

Selene shoots another flaming arrow at Ogre2, kills him DED, teh entire group hollers up in joy!

Blackleaf misses.

Elfstar picks up her sword and restrings her bow in a retreated location. 3 turns.

Lysh hits at Ogre1, misses.

Orgre1 backs out and takes 7 points of damage as he retreats! SOCIAL, WE WIN!

We’re going to rest, but first: XP, XP! 1,000 each, HOORAY!

Rest mode, we loot the room first, then decide to retreat to the wizards’ hidden room to rest. We are giggling our heads off. We looted nothing off the Ogres. 2g each from the orcs we killed. Chelle rolls a Natural 20 and lockpicks her little gold box, and it’s got a deck of cards inside!

DM privately chats with Chelle, Cait sings SECRET LOVERS, THAT’S WHAT WE ARE. We are all a little tipsy at this point.

Chelle’s cards are both evil and good, and are HIGHLY magical. The cards are a strange-looking set of tarot cards.

The card is a Deck of Many Things. Chelle decides to take a card, she rolls! She rolls a 52! She has to roll a D6 and picks 1-3 to be good. She rolls a 1. She pulls a card out and the card immediately disappears! A short sword appears in her hand, it has a pale red sheen to it. It’s light, it feels great, it’s well balanced, it’s a +1 short sword.

Citlali and Elfstar want to draw.

Elfstar is terrified but rolls… she rolls a 93! She picks 1-3 to be good, 4-6 bad, she rolls a 2! Card disappears and her eyes glaze over, and she snaps out of it and feels fine. She feels confident.

Citlali rolls… against her better judgement. She rolls a 47! She picks 1-3 evil, 4-6 good. She rolls a SIX! Good! A chalice appears in her hand. Lysh wants the chalice, it’s VERY GOOD. It’s a chalice of holy water, it will fill once per day on command, and has 20 charges. You can use it against vampires, werewolves, etc.

Shifts for sleep/rest. Another uneventful night.

They decide to head north. They head down an eastern hallway. They discover a door to the north. Critfail on trap search, but the door’s not trapped.

We got in, there’s a second door. Trap search, no traps. Opens door. There are now three doors, N, W, E. We decide to go west, no traps. Open door. Another 2 doors, we’re still headed west. WE find a big empty room. Selene searches north west, and finds another hallway.

We search the little cubby hole rooms, find nothing, find nothing, find nothing, we are getting bored with opening doors. We finally encounter a locked door, the rogue picks the door. We find a hallway to the south-east. Everybody hears some heavy footsteps coming towards us, with heavy breathing. Combat Trackers! It’s a fucking minotaur! Two fucking minotaurs! They have 70hp between them! We run for our lives, as quietly as possible. Lysh and Selene get tangled up, and fall down and we cast hold portal on the door, CAST HOLD PORTAL ON THE FUCKING DOOR.

We are all terrified. PHEW. But we go back south, down another hallway. We wander around, lots of sneaking by our rogue. We have to start rolling and realize the DM is gonna murder us. We come back up on the minotaurs again and sneak away again.

We backtrack to another direction. WE want one good fight before we quit for the night. We find a door and Lysh tries to open the door but it’s all fucked up. There’s a long narrow room! There’s some shit in the room! Citlali springs a trap, gets trapped in a cage, we are all screwed! We’re trying to break the bars off. Orcs are coming down the hall towards us. Five orcs, selene and Lysh make short work of the first, who they kill instantly. Blackleaf casts bless! Orc2, natural 20, does 5 points of damage. Citlali’s trying to get out of the cage. Elfstar moves and shoots and misses. Selene is going to cast Charm Person on Orc3, she succeeds and charms him! He fights on our side. Orc 3 also now has a crush on Lysh. UH OH, Orc boner!

Lysh hits orc2 for 3 points of damage, which kills him instantly! Orc3 turns around and whollops on Orc5, and he misses. Blackleaf, ONE HIT ONE KILL, Orc5 is fucking dead! Orc4 tries to run! Orc4 gets away! Citlali is still trying to get out of her cage. Selene sends Barry (Orc3, charmed) after Orc4, and he misses. Selene runs out after Orc4, we’ve got a pack chasing him. SElene finally kills him with a backstab! Barry grunts in approval. Nnnnghhh.

We argue about killing Barry and Selene backstabs Barry while we argue. OOPS! He dies instantly. Blackleaf and Lysh get pissed at Selene, everybody else laughs, what dicks. We go back to our room from last night and bed down. NIGHT NIGHT! —-posted by Cait/Blackleaf


Outstanding write up Cait!

Wednesday Night, 1/11/12 game

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