Lady D&D Bladesinger Elf


Level 1 Elven Bladesinger
Scale Mail – AC: 15
Weapon: Broadsword
Ring Of Regeneration: Heals 1 HP of damage per round when worn
Favorite spells: Burning Hands, Identify, Magic Missile


Citlali is an elf of the Llewyrr, who live on the island of Alaron in the Moonshae Isles. They are a seafaring race and have a deep hatred of aquatic drow elves, who attack their ships and disrupt their fisheries. Upon reaching adulthood, Llewyrr youth are required to spend five years exploring the lands of the Forgotten Realms, gaining honor and experience through battle and collecting information about the society and politics of the Realms. Citlali is especially motivated to slay kobolds, as her older brother was killed and partially eaten by kobolds during his own excursion into the Realms. Her mother, upon her departure, presented her with a family heirloom, the magical Ring originally worn by her famed warrior ancestor, Citebanque. She enjoys fishing, singing, and scorching the testicles of her enemies.


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